Stamped Concrete Contractors In NH and MA


We are the only manufacturer in the United States that produces our own floor coatings and storage cabinets, right here under the same roof, with our 60,000 square meter headquarters in the USA, we are ready to work together. We attribute our success to the development of new, innovative products that work in real conditions. Thanks for watching this video, with our Mercer Creek decorative, concrete resurface applied with a stencil-finish versa.

Creed is designed to make you as creative as you want. You can use our grout tape to make your own pattern or use our prefabricated stencils that vary from stone, stone or burnt shale. The first, secret, stencil concrete overlay system transforms your worn out aged, strong creative floor into a beautifully simulated pattern. Our first step starts with pouring the life-cycle primer unit into a clean bucket, then adding unit B to the bucket and mixing with a drill with a mixing paddle for three minutes, starting with casting a band of the lifelong primer on the clean, prepared air. , concrete and use a roller to spread it at a rate of 200 to 225 square feet per gallon in the heart of our decorative concrete overlay image systems is the lifelong primer.

Stamped Concrete Contractors In NH and MA

We have formulated this primer to have a unique wicking technology so that it penetrates deep into the concrete. In fact, the adhesion is so good that it can withstand a pressure of 8 pounds of moisture vapor emission. You can be sure that by correctly using the primer, you eliminate 90% of your callbacks with regard to adhesion problems, send the sand on a pair of pointed shoes and carefully pick up the wet primer and start a low clean number 30. to the point of rejection and let it dry for about three to four hours when it is dry and wipe away all the loose sand, which will leave a floor surface. This resembles 30 granular sandpaper that regularly mixes the fresh Creek resurfacer. You are now ready to apply the versa Creek regular mix, start by adding a liter of water to a clean bucket, along with the integral color package, then pour the versa Creek resurfacer into the bucket while mixing with a heavy drill and paddle mix to a smooth mass, consistency of the pancake batter is achieved. If it is too thick, you can add half a liter of water to make it a bit nicer.

Workable consistency applies the resurfacer, arrange the mixture by pouring the material on the floor surface and start spreading over the floor with a trowel and make sure you cover the life-long primer material. Jimmy irregularly applies the stone-gray surface to the base and adds color. Be careful not to place the product evenly without leaving the deep overlaps so that the materials can dry. Before proceeding to the next step, measure and grout taping, the border on which you apply the template, remove the protective paper from the template and place the template on the field area with the self-adhesive side to stick it to the surface. make sure you align all seams of the mold and lay flat on the surface, use our 18-inch masking paper and grout tape to mask the field next to the tile edge, mix and apply the versa creme mix. The Versa Creek with the same technique as used here, we use a nutmeg color pack, so the edge has more pop for the material on the edge and sprays it into the pattern area. Make sure you do not remove any material from the field over the fiaré.

You can also skip the trowel over the surface to get a unique texture, you have to completely cover the surface and let it dry after drying the dried lid by the test limit. The masking paper on the border protects, mixes and applies the fresh creek fine on the surface of the field, separates the burr and uses the same technique as previously shown when mixing the normal bag mix or the material on the surface. field area and file. Within the pattern area – here we use a sandstone-colored package to complement the edge color, make sure that the texture of the trowel stays within the stone pattern so that the line of the ironing trowel does not match the stone next to it. This ensures a very realistic finish when done properly, make sure the surface is completely covered and let it dry, mix and apply the edge-mix to the previously marked edge, use it to ensure that all colors are evenly distributed. are divided.

Here we show the diluted edge, point applied to areas of the edge with a brush, place the verge-stain here, Jimmy-syringe back, the area with water, before the versa-stain is applied with a brush. You can also apply the stain with a sponge. By using this type of process, there is a lot of color movement, resulting in a more natural appearance, remove the connection tape and the template. If you wait too long, it can become more difficult to remove because of the high adhesive strength of our version. Our products control the area and make small adjustments if necessary. Jimmy applies our mission, Brown versus spot on the boundary and field surface fixation and the 5,400 urethane finish mixes the 5,400, a component and a B component with a drill and mixing paddle mixture for at least three minutes for the 5,400 at the surface and start spreading with a lint-free roller and make sure it is evenly distributed while maintaining a wet edge. We offer various quality stamps of high quality, varying from acrylic to concrete. They all work well on our Stamped Concrete Contractors NH and MA line. Here we have chosen to use the two-component 5400 urethane, so that you can see how easy it is to apply and how it has a higher finish layer than an acrylic, lacquer or water-based epoxy, because it is a urethane. You also get a lot of scratches. Resistant properties, the material becomes milky and dries to a clear layer when applying a second layer, wait until the material has dried to a clean state and ensure that the second coat is applied within two hours after drying.